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-Live Guild recruiting players!- Lookin for all players, if your new/old, have questions, or just looking to team hunt, PM me and we will get you in. We got tips on Bosses, Leveling, and server specific things so we can do our best to answer your questions. :3
38 ( 9) Cloud
We are Cloud. In memory of good old Harmonian Clouds.
We are recruiting all vocations!

We offer help in quests, guild house located in Edron "Sky Lane, Guild 2", team hunts matching and fun!

Msg Malevolence or Vc's.
11 ( 0) Absolut
Brazilian Guild Focused in Hunts, Bosses, Quests, Helping each other always. We accept all levels.

Languages: Portuguese / English

Guild Brasileira focada em Hunts, Bosses, Quests, sempre ajudando uns aos outros. Aceitamos todos os Leveis.
13 ( 0) Peace Tea's
3 ( 0) Brotherhood Of Steel
9 ( 0) Chaotic Neutrals
2 ( 0) Legacy
Legacy is a friendly helpful guild♥

Everything from leveling, boss runs and more, everyone is welcome.
7 ( 0) Brothers Of Peace
We are the brothers of peace. We bring justice to thais
10 ( 0)

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