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12/15/2023, 1:40:46 AM December Updates! Published by Frogmancer

Here comes another summary of game developments over the past month.

Vocation Changes


  • Rage based Knights are in! Be sure to read their wiki page here


  • Focus mechanic implemented! Read more here
  • Paladin familiar is now melee
  • Throwing Stars now inherently have 10% critical hit chance
  • Spears now inherently have 10% life leech

Sorcerer & Druid

  • Familiars challenge spell is now lower priority than Knight's or Paladin's challenges
    • Summons will no longer "steal" monster's attention away from a knight or paladin
  • Great Fire Wave damage increased (approximately 85% of energy wave damage)
  • Strong Ice Wave always has the increased area of effect

Systems Changes and Additions

NEW: Guidebook!

  • Upon login, you can read some documentation for our custom systems and content

Stance Changes

  • Stances have been completely revamped.
    • Offensive
      • grants very little mitigation other than you regular resistances plus a 20% debuff for more damage taken
      • all attacks will deal 10% more damage
    • Balanced
      • basic mitigation values
      • no increased damage taken
      • no increased damage dealt
    • Defensive
      • greatly increases mitigation multipliers
      • decreases damage dealt by 50% Defensive fighting now actually means something. You will be defensive, this means greatly increased mitigation at a 50% damage dealt penalty.

NEW: Loadouts! Loot Categories! Hidden Shop!

  • You can ready up for battle in seconds with Battlemart's help now. Check the detailed page on the loadout wiki page .
  • Loot Categories can be used as a subset of npc wares lists to allow to selectively buy or sell items
  • Players can now hide items that are not within the players inventory, available to sell !hiddenshop on


  • Several tasks added
  • Tasks can only be started by party leader
  • Tasks can now be paused
  • Several tasks kill requirements have been reduced
  • Some tasks have had tiers changed to accurately reflect difficulty

Account Bonus Addition

  • Highest level 'rookstayer' grants other account characters capacity


ADDED BOSS: Brain Head

  • Farm up your Ring of Souls here

ADDED BOSS: Primal Menace

  • Increase your Gnomprona hazard level


  • New werecreatures threaten the island ruins of Oskayaat

Hazard Expansion

  • Added several hazard systems
    • Falcons
    • Cobras
    • Ingol
    • Nagas
    • Otherworld
    • Netherworld
  • Killing monsters in these areas have a small chance to spawn a miniboss that will drop an item from their area's main boss

Hunting Grounds Balancing

  • Summer and Winter Courts monsters have had damage reduced
  • Naga have had their damage reduced slightly
  • Experience increases
    • Ingol monsters
    • Library books and stuff
    • Carnivors
    • Glooth Golem / Rustheap Golem / War Golem / Worker Golem
    • Draken Spellweaver / Warmaster
    • Behemoth
    • Deepworm / Diremaw
    • Breach Brood / Dread Intruder / Sparkion / Reality Reaver


  • Several old raids have been implemented
    • Arachir
    • Diblis
    • Furyosa
    • Hirintror
    • Weakened Shlorg
    • White Pale
    • ...and more.
  • Announced raids are now broadcast in the official Elysiera Discord #raids channel

Some Odds and Ends

  • Added some new items to hunter token quartermasters
  • Pirate maps can grant hooks, peg legs, and eye patches on use
  • Adjusted (lowered) ratio of ranged mobs in certain hunting grounds
  • Reduced health of several bosses
    • Jaul
    • Warzone bosses
  • Reduced difficulty of final boss of Yalahar mission
  • Prevent PZ hopping by adding delay before being able to take an offensive action
  • Removed text emotes when drinking potions for visibility
  • Normalized rune weight and costs
  • Rune conjuring spells adjusted (more runes created per soul point)
  • Forgotten Knowledge boss levers fixed and waypoints added
  • Carnivors loot is balanced (reduced to more accurately match their difficulty level)

11/3/2023, 4:00:49 AM November Update! Published by Frogmancer

It has been a minute since our last update and we have a lot to share!

Wiki Page!

  • Many of our custom systems and content are documented in more detail at the Official Wiki Page .

New Systems

Quartermaster Rework

  • Quartermaster tokens and Online Points have been reworked into a simplified system.
  • The system rewards active gameplay
  • New Currency: Hunter Token
    • How to get tokens
      • Killing monsters (all monsters have a low chance of dropping them)
        • Daily limit: 60
      • Daily Tasks (read below)
    • Hunter Token quartermasters can be found in the newly rennovated Thais depot!

Task System

  • The Task Initiator item can be found in your store inbox
  • You may select a level range and choose a task
  • Time Trial
    • Kill as many of the listed monsters in 30 minutes
    • After 30 minutes, players will be rewarded based on how many were killed
      • Hunter Tokens (new system)
      • Gold
      • Experience
  • We will be adding new types of tasks in the future!
  • Players can complete 2 tasks per day (VIP can complete 3 tasks per day)

Simultaneous Login

  • Players may now log in to several characters at once (max of 5)
  • Only one player per account may be outside of a protection zone at any given time

Account Bonuses

  • You'll now receive bonuses for the highest level of each vocation on your account
    • highest level character: 0.06 speed per level (60 speed at level 1000)
    • highest level knight: +0.005% mitigation per level (5.0% at level 1000)
    • highest level paladin: +0.075 dexterity levels per level (75 at level 1000)
    • highest level sorcerer: +0.0025% crit chance per level (2.5% at level 1000)
    • highest level druid: +0.005% healing per level (5% at level 1000)
  • You'll stop accruing bonuses after level 1500

New Content

Nargor Pirates

  • Recommended level: ~300
  • Exp rates designed to be slightly higher than Asuras
  • Utilizes the Hazard System (similar to Gnomprona)
    • By completing a Pirate task successfully, you gain the ability to raise the hazard level
    • Completing tasks on your highest hazard level unlocks the next hazard level
    • Speak to Sebastian to (near the entrance) to raise the hazard
  • Killing pirates in this area has a small chance of spawning a Pirate Boss
    • Chances are increased by higher hazard levels
    • Bosses drop items required for the pirate outfit

Laguna Turtles

  • Recommended level: ~600
  • Cave section split into 2 different monster types
    • Turtles: grant slightly better loot
    • Crabs: grant slightly better experience
  • Many of the monsters have some new mechanics so be aware!


  • Players can now choose which instance they wish to hunt in Oramond Catacombs
  • Minotaurs, Golems, and Demon instances all exist separately and persistantly!

Nightmare Dungeon

  • New dungeon found near entrance for Yalahar nightmares
  • Nightmare loot and behavior slightly altered to allow for a better hunting experience

NEW BOSS: The Monster

  • The Ingol encounter for Dr. Marrow has been implemented!
  • We have modified some of the mechanics, however the basics to this fight are fairly identical to what players would expect to see on live servers

Some Odds and Ends

  • Greatly reduced difficulty and simplified final fight in Yalahar mission
  • Reduced Jaul difficulty
  • Changed required Jaul kills to unlock the deepling waypoints to 6 instead of a full star
  • Rebalanced Strong Ice Wave - it now always has the same size, but it is slightly weaker.
    • The strength goes up to energy wave levels when in a party with a sorcerer
  • Rebalanced Great Fire Wave - this spell was severly behind in damage and was basically worthless, it now does ~85% of energy wave's damage
  • Added Scarab Ocarina to Equipment Quartermaster
  • Changed Paladin Familiar to melee
  • Removed "Aaah..."" when using a potion; helps healer's visibility of party member health while hunting
  • Added Sea Serpent access to free quests
  • Added exercise weapon durations

10/10/2023, 11:00:52 PM Slowing down to grow up Published by Ardent

Hello Elysierans,

We have been seriously thinking about the state of our game ever since the release.Upon a lot of reflection, we came up with a lot of very impactful changes we want to bring to the game soon.

Hunting Ground Reworks

So much of the older content areas have fallen out of relevance. In order to provide more options for hunting and tasking (read more about this below) we will begin overhauling many of these areas. A large focus will be placed on the level 250-500 range (something similar to Asuras). We also rebalance a couple of these to be on the level of Ingol monsters for higher level characters (750+). Some of these will make use of our new variant mechanic, while others may just be rebalancing monster statistics, experience rates, loot tables, etc. The idea here is to give a variety of end game leveling for solo and group play.

A few of the areas we currently have plans for:

  • Nargor Pirates (variant)
  • Meriana Turtle Island (variant)
  • Otherworld
  • Prison
  • Catacombs (dynamic spawn)

We feel these are good candidates for rework due to their large dungeon-like layouts and have become severely underutilized over the years. Our first area for rework will be Nargor Pirates.

Experience Rates

We underestimated the effects of several of our experience bonuses and their interactions together. This led to a very quick mid game that eventually settled (somewhat drastically) to the 700+ level range.

Character progression is a large part of why we enjoy this game and the current progression feels like it cheapens the 100 to 500 progression range; each level comes quickly and does not feel rewarding because of this. With current rates and utilizing many of the experience bonuses, players could rather easily level to 500 with well under 10 hours of active playtime. We will be reducing the experience rates of earlier levels to smooth out the rate of progression.

Our goal is to make a game that feels fun to play across a wider range of levels, and will not just be focused on end game activities. We feel that our quality of life and class changes were a great first step towards this goal. To further advance this concept, we will be adding in more hunting grounds for these level ranges, as well as a brand new task system that should provide a new dynamic to hunts (read below to find out more).

The new experience rates are going to start at 10x (same as today’s starting rate) at level 1 and logarithmic decay all the way down to 2x at level 1000 (33% less than today’s rate).

This change will go into effect on Monday, October 16th, 2023.

Skill Rates

The current rates take you to a plateau really quickly. On all of our chars, we get to a point where progression gets very slow very quickly. This makes you see way fewer advances over time since they all happen very quickly. With this in mind, we’re removing the stages for skills and making the rate a flat 3x across all skill levels.

Since skills are leveled via training, this is something we can retroactively apply. This means that your skills will go down after the update is released. But don’t panic just yet, we did the math and here’s what will happen to your skills at higher levels:

  • Magic Level (Mage): 130 will become ~ 122
  • Magic Level (Paladin): 40 will become ~38
  • Other Skills: 130 will become ~125

This change will go into effect on Monday, October 16th, 2023.

Loot Rates

Loot rate isn’t something that is a massive issue currently. But it is generating quite a bit more wealth than we had been able to anticipate. This is largely due to the multiplier that gets applied to all the loot tables interacting with wealth duplex, loot prey, etc. We’re not going to big-bang reduce the loot rate all the way down to 1x. But the goal is to eventually get there. On October 16th the loot rate will be set to 1.5x (from the current 2x), and further plans will be made after we collect more data.

Further loot balancing will be done on a per creature (or boss) basis. This will give us much finer control on how things evolve in the future.

Note that the goal isn’t to make it hard for you to pay for your house, hunts, and deaths, but to provide a more balanced experience that matches the slower pace we’re targeting.

Online Points → Hunter Tokens

Online points have been a system to reward players for their time in Elysiera. However, the current system rewards active and inactive gameplay the same. Inactive gameplay (training) would allow a player to simply continue purchasing more exercise weapons for more inactive gameplay. This provides no incentive or advantage to a player that is active and participates in other aspects of the game. Inactive and active gameplay should work in tandem for players to reach their endgame goals.

Leveling rewards is also a system that needs revamping. The intent was to provide gear for leveling players, offering choices to fill gaps in their equipment that hunting did not provide. Some parts are needlessly convoluted (multiple token types, level range limits, etc).

To address these two systems, we’re creating one new system called Hunter Tokens that can fulfill both of these roles and solving some of the design failings that we have outlined above.

Online Points are going to stop being awarded in tomorrow’s server save the store will stay up for a little while longer while we work out some of the rest of the updates, so you can spend the points you already have accumulated.


Tasks are something many games have, and so do many Tibia servers. It’s long overdue that we implement this system that will create a wider variety of ways to play Elysiera. We’ve seen task systems go unused too many times though. So we’re coming up with something a little different.

One foundational aspect of these is that they have to be actually worth your time, to the point where you will have a reason to choose doing a task instead of a boss run depending on what your goals are and what you’re specifically looking to get for your characters!

Time Trials : 30 minute tasks where you get rewarded for killing as many creatures as you can in the allotted time. Collection Tasks : Tasks that require a player or party to find a number of specific items as monster drops in the world. Overall completion time will be tracked to reward efficiency! ...more! : We’re slowly going to come up (open for suggestions also) with different engaging tasks that can be a good way to spend your time in Elysiera while getting good rewards.


We know these are massive changes. And we know we packed this announcement with a lot of things that will feel like nerfs depending on what your personal vision for the game is. Our vision is hopefully clear here, we want to slow things down a bit. This will feel unfair to new players, but there’s no way to prevent that without resetting, and resetting would certainly feel miserable to the current ones. So we decided to transition it like this instead.

9/3/2023, 1:13:04 AM Patch Notes Published by Frogmancer

New Features

  • CLIENT UPDATE : Please update the client through launcher
    • Store filter: can filter items within your inbox
  • Leaving a protection zone without blessings will now prompt a message to the player warning them that they are not active
  • Async periodic saves (saves should cause no noticeable freezing)


  • Waypoints
    • Characters need to clear the requirements to use waypoints unlocked in their accounts. The unlocks are account wide but your alts need to get 1 star on the boss aswell before hunting them (and be of a certain level)
  • Stairhopping
  • We've re-enabled the delay between jumping stairs and using offensive abilities. This was a cool feature but it's too easy to abuse it unfortuntately
  • Moved several boss teleports away from the room exit to avoid accidentally leaving the arena
    • Ghulosh
    • Mazzinor
    • Dread Maiden
    • Fear Feaster
    • Pale Worm
    • Unwelcome
    • Grimvale Mini-bosses
    • Secret Library bosses
  • Reduced NPC talking delay


  • Imbuement tracker should now more consistently update
  • Rusted equipment
    • Rust remover now works on slightly rusted shields
    • Replaced several rusted items that were mistakenly in loot tables
    • All future rusted items drops will be unrustable via rust remover
  • Lamps in houses retain their on/off status through server saves
  • Divine Grenade functionality fixed and animations were corrected

8/28/2023, 2:20:16 AM Path Notes Published by Ardent


  • !online will show players by Active/Idle/Training along with their vocations


  • A few charm monsters have been added as regular spawns
  • Thornfire Wolf (Note that Crystal Wolf was already there)
  • Elf Overseer
  • Goblin Leader
  • Dryad (In Dryad gardens, access via Cormaya)
  • Troll Guard (Thais east troll caves)
  • Raging Fire (via Hero of Rathleton in its regular spot)



  • Magma Bubble's crystals now properly turn red/green
  • Mad Mage no longer spawns random stairs

Note: contrary to some reports, Mad Mage mechanics were working fine. You have to clear at least 100 goops from the floor to start the waves.